The Killing of June
North-East Ohio Metal Band

  The Killing of June was formed by John Nared (Guitarist) and Tedy Butte (Vocalist) after Tedy’s project “From the Woods” didn’t work out as planned. The duo had enjoyed working together in a band called “Sykosis” and remained friends after leaving the band. Tedy had relinquished the idea of his band “From the Woods” and found it difficult to move forward. Tedy then contacted John to let him know he was planning to retire from music. John thought about Tedy’s choice, but was not ready to give up on his music dreams and didn’t want to see Tedy give in just yet. John contacted Tedy to bring about the idea of starting a new band with a new lineup. Through John’s tenacious attitude he wouldn’t let Tedy give up and retire from music and The Killing of June was born from their friendship and love of music.

  It wasn’t long before Tedy contacted his good friend Steve Troyan who he had worked with in the band “Konipshun Phit” to see if he could play drums for the project. Steve had yet to join another band after “Konipshun Phit” and was able to put all his efforts into the new project. The band went through several line-up changes over the next few years, but it was clear that Tedy, John, and Steve enjoyed working together and kept their focus on moving forward. This was the foundation that formed The Killing of June and they strived to find more members that would fit their style of music.

  Shortly after the band had formed they turned to Rich Dloniak, a guitarist who had worked with Tedy in “From the Woods” and recording artist who planned to assist in recording The Killing of June’s demo. After recording their demo, the band had to replace one of their guitar players and their bassist and Rich was asked if he would like to take the spot of lead guitarist. Rich quickly put his efforts into getting his life in order and seized the opportunity to play guitar for the group. It wasn’t long before the band sought out a bassist and they turned to Joel (GraveBear) the former bassist of Memories of Dreams Forgotten. Joel had strong ties with the members of The Killing of June from his previous years of playing shows with bands they were in, but retired from music after M.O.D.F. split up. In hearing what The Killing of June was working on he brushed the dust off his bass and joined the group.

  The Killing of June had a strong lineup of well-known and talented musicians, but still felt the music was missing something. They started kicking around the idea of adding keyboards to the music to fill that missing element. Seeking out a keyboard player the band reached out to Eric Chapman, who was a good friend to Rich. Eric was a self-taught keyboard player who had been playing keyboard most his life.

  The overwhelming amount of talent that makes up The Killing of June shines through with their writing. Each member brings their own special set of skills to the band that exceeds the expectations of their fans. From social media outreach and web design to recording their own music and booking shows, the band is filled with a solid group of members who’s experience in the music industry helps them spend less time looking for others to do these things for them. Throughout the changes in members The Killing of June was able to replace those who left with the best fitting members that the local music scene has to offer and only the future can tell what their limits will be.